EB1/NIW Success Stories

Here are a couple examples of emails I have received from previous clients.

I'm a scientist working in Argone.  I was referred by a friend whom attorney Mr.Messersmith has helped obtained green cards for their whole family through the EB1 category in 2 months. First I couldn't believed it but I saw my friend's approved petitions and then I decided to come to Mr. Messersmith for help.  He recommended me to pursue a green card through the NIW category instead of EB1 category based on my credentials.  I did an NIW and today after 6 weeks later I have my green card approved.  I'm literally speechless.  Thanks a million, Mr. Messersmith.  I owe the whole world of thanks to you. There's no words to express my happiness right now.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!  I'll sure recommend you to anyone I know.

I just received my H1B approval today.  Beautiful job!  Thank you for all your hard work, Peter!  I won't be where I am today without you!

I was accused of misrepresentation and smuggling.  There was no waiver available.  I was devastated because I have a 90 year old Mom in the US dying to see me.  When she learned that she will never be able to see me.  She cried day and night so did I.  I called around and finally found Messersmith Law.  After I spoke to the paralegal Jen Ren, I know that this is the right firm for us because they sounded so knowledgeable and confident.  Attorney Peter Messersmith worked very hard on my case and dealt with Department of State and the US Embassy.  Department of State agreed to removed the findings on my case.  The whole case was resolved in a month.   To this date, I still can't believe that he really got the green card for me and I'm here on my Mom's bedside in the hospital.  I just have one word to say "AMAZING!".

My company filed for my H1B visa but forgot to file my wife's H4 visa.  She's our of status for two years before we realized it.  We came to Peter with little hope.  He said that he was able to help my wife with the H4 visa and he did.  My wife received her H4 visa in 3 months.  Wow, this is unbelievable!

I got an email from Mr. Messersmith about my E2 visa approval today.  Thank you so much for the great work!  Job well done.  I'll be back for sure when I need more service.

Don't let anyone tell you that it's impossible.  I don't know how many law firms I've contacted and how many attorneys I've been spoke to.  Don't give up until you talk to Peter Messersmith.  He's really the best.  After I spoke to him about my case, he did a thorough research about my case and told me about my options.  I went with his suggestions and now my husband is in the US.  We can't be happier to spend the rest of our life together.  Thank you, Peter!

I'm a medical doctor and just got married.  I was on a J1 visa and subjected to the two year home country residency rule.  I have a sick mother-in-law who needs our help.  We do not have any children together.  My husband couldn't leave his mother by herself.  I can't go back to my home country without my husband for two years.   We found a lawyer in our hometown Boston for hardship waiver.  Our case was denied.  We were devastated.  One of our friends recommended Peter to us.  We asked him about our case.  He's very honest about our chances and told us how he plans to handle our case.   After nearly a month preparation, he really built a case and a strong case.  It was really worth the wait.    We know if we couldn't get approved then.  We would never be bale to get approved.  Four month later, we received an approval.  Now we're building a beautiful life together.  I'll never forget you - Peter.  You made all these happen!  Great luck with everything!

I'm disabled and have met a girl in China.  I filed a K1 visa for her and she was denied at the Embassy.  I retained Attorney Messersmith for my case.  He was able to reschedule her for an interview and he made a legal argument and we also provided more documents to prove our case as he suggested.  My wife got her visa and enter the US six months ago.   We're having our first baby.  Thanks Mr. Messersmith for the brilliant work you've done for my family.

I'm a school teacher from Philippine.  I came on a J1 visa.  My school offered me a position and was willing to sponsor me for an H1B visa.  I need a waiver before I can obtain the H1B visa.  Mr.Messersmith filed my waiver case and H1B visa case.  He speed up my waive process to ensure that I'll receive my H1B visa in time.  Everything worked our perfectly.  I got my waiver in 10 days and H1B in less than 2 months.  I'm very grateful!

My NIW case is approved in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!  I got my green card 2 weeks later!!!!!!  I'm still in shock.  5 weeks!!!!  Wow!  Thanks so.... much!!!!!

It was a great pleasure to work with this law firm.  Everyone is friendly there.  From the assistant to the attorney, I received great service.  They always respond to my email quickly and answer all of my questions.  I told all my friends about this firm.

I enter the US 20 years ago.  I lost my I-94 and passport so there wasn't really any proof to show that I came here legally.   I met husband here who is a US citizen.  Also my husband and I were living in different cities.  Attorney Messersmith obtained my lost I-94 for me and suggested us to make an effort to live together.  We prepared all the documents he asked and made an effort moving back together.  At the interview, the officer asked us everything attorney Messersmith asked us to prepare.  We had everything! :) The officer approved our case.   Now it's time to renewal my green card again.  I'm coming back to the expert.

I'm a Ph.D student in University of Illinois.  I have some publications and citations.  I have been to national and international conferences.  Without a job offer, I was afraid to even think about pursuing a green card.  After I read about the requirements for NIW and all the approved petitions.  I decided to give it a try.  Mr.Messersmith is very professional entire time.  He's honest about every aspect of my case.  With his hard work,  I got my green card three months later.  Now I have several job offer lined up and I'm thankful for everything Mr. Messersmith has done for my case.

I had a pending I-485 and needed to travel right away due to my sister's death.  I came to Attorney Peter.  He asked me to gather bunch of documents and then went to the local USCIS office with me.  He got me the travel document in less than 2 hours.  Thank you so much!  Attorney Peter!

I got Peter's name from a colleague.    My PERM case has been pending for three years.  I'm sick of waiting.  He believes that I'm qualified for a green card through the NIW.  I did my NIW with him.  It was great pleasure working with him.  I had 12 recommendation letters even though he told me that I only need 4 to 6 but I wanted to submit them anyway.  Each letter needed a lot of changes.  He was very patient working with each of my referees.  He got my NIW approved in no time.   The green card took about 3 weeks to me to received it after the NIW approval.  I'm very pleased with everything the attorney did.

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