EB1/NIW Process

1. Evaluation

If you are interested in pursuing a self sponsored green card application and wish to apply through the EB1 or NIW categories, you can send us your CV for an evaluation.  The evaluation is free.  Our attorney will review your CV and we'll give you our honest opinion regarding your chances for approval based on successful petitions we have handled in the past.

2. Begin Your EB1/NIW Case

Once we take your case, an attorney will contact you to discuss case strategy and determine the best way to handle your case. We will provide you with multiple questionnaires, document lists, draft documents and sample recommendation letters among other documents.  The sample recommendation letters and other sample supporting documents are based on documents that we have successfully used in past cases. We will help you construct new recommendation letters which contain the specific language necessary for a successful EB1 or NIW application. It is import to follow our instructions on how to prepare those documents in order to secure an approval.

3. Gather Documents

After the recommendation letters are complete, either you or an attorney will contact authors for their signatures, whichever you prefer. Once the recommendation letters are complete and you have given us evidence of your accomplishments in your field of expertise, we will be able to file your case with USCIS. In most cases, our clients have many questions during this process and we will be available to you to answer your questions and concerns. You can call us during normal business hours and be able to speak to the attorney working on your case and an attorney will provide you with his email address so you may contact him that way.

4. File Case

Once we receive all the necessary paperwork from you, our attorney will draft an argument letter and organize your case file to present your case in the best possible light to the USCIS adjudicating officer  Our attorney will make sure that your case has best chance for an approval before we file it.

5. Processing Time

In our experience over the past 24 months, the vast majority of our cases are approved in 2-3 months with some as fast as 3-5 weeks.

6. Decision

Your Form I-140 must be approved first before your I-485 may be approved. Once your I-485 is approved, you should receive your green card in about 2 weeks.

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